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Stephen Daldry (born May 2, 1960) is a British film and stage director and producer. His most notable work, perhaps, is his first directorial debut, Billy Elliot (2000). He has gone on to work with some of Hollywood's most high profile actors including Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, David Kross, Ralph Fiennes, and Tom Hanks. He is a three time Academy Award nominee and has also won a Tony Award.

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Daldry was born in Dorset, England to Patrick Daldry and Cherry Daldry. In his early teen years, he joined a youth theater group in his then-hometown of Taunton and later won a Royal Air Force Scholarship to attend the University of Sheffield, studying English. Upon graduation, he chose to travel Italy serving as an apprentice to a clown. He then returned to Sheffield to apprentice at Crucible theater in the late 1980s and then went on to study acting at East 15 Acting School in London.


In 1989, Daldry began directing stage productions at the Gate Theater in London. His first big success was when he acted as stage director for J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls in 1992. He earned a London Critics Circle Award, Olivier Award for Best Director, and later a Tony award.

After working on a few other films throughout the early 1990s, he then signed a three-year contract with Working Title Films in 1997. He completed his first short film, Eight, in 1998 and it was nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts award. (Image source)

Daldry's first feature length film, Billy Elliot (2000), told the story of a young boy from a working class British town who studied dance against his father's wishes.

Billy Elliot

The film earned Daldry critical acclaim, namely an Academy Award Best Director nomination and the interest from high profile Hollywood members in his his next film, The Hours (2002), which went on to be nominated for Best Picture.

The Hours


In the midst of directing these and his last two films, The Reader (2008) and  (2011),he continued to oscillate back to the stage. Notably, all of his films to date have been nominated for Best Director or Best Picture.

The Reader

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


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