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Ingrid Bergman (August 29, 1915—August 29, 1982) was a Swedish film and stage actress who changed the face of Hollywood during the 1940s. Her most notable films included Casablanca (1942), Gaslight (1944), and Joan of Arc (1948).



Bergman was born in Stockholm, Sweden to Justus Samuel Bergman and Freida Bergman. Her mother died when she was just three years old. Her father, a photographer, encouraged her to become an opera singer, and died when Bergman was 13 years old. She lived with various relatives throughout the rest of her childhood.

At the age of 17, Bergman entered an acting competition for the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm. Despite her own trepidation, she was well-received by all of the judges, who accepted her into the Royal Dramatic Theater School on a scholarship. She excelled there, even grabbing a main role in one of the School's plays long before students traditionally did.



Bergman was hired by a Swedish film studio the summer after her first year at the Royal Dramatic Theater School, and subsequently abandoned her studies. As a result, she appeared in dozens of Swedish films.

In 1939, Hollywood film director David O. Selznick cast Bergman in the American remake of the Swedish Intermezzo (1936). Despite the worry that her natural good looks and lack of make up might not be appreciated by American audiences, she was extremely well-received.



After a few more American films, Bergman co-starred with Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca (1942). She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film, the first of three consecutive wins Best Actress wins. Her other two came after she appeared in Gaslight (1944) and The Bells of St. Mary's (1945).



In 1945, she began a collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock. The first of his films she appeared in was Spellbound (1945), followed by Notorious (1946), and, finally, Under Capricorn (1949).



In 1948, Bergman appeared in Joan of Arc. Around this time, Bergman wanted to diversify her career, so she acted in many stage plays including Liliom, Anna Christie, and Joan of Lorraine.

Beginning in 1949, Bergman became intrigued by two films by Italian director Roberto Rossellini. She wrote to him suggesting they work together and ultimately she appeared in his film Stromboli (1950). She began an affair with him, causing a scandal throughout Hollywood and even on the United States Senate Floor. In 1950, Bergman left her husband and daughter in the United States to marry Rossellini. They went on to have three children.



The 1970s saw Bergman appear in Murder on the Orient Express (1974) and Autumn Sonata (1978). She appeared in her final role in A Woman Called Golda in 1982.

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