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Joseph Csáky (March 18, 1888 – May 1, 1971) was a Hungarian artist and sculptor closely associated with the avant-garde movement, as well as the De Stijl neoplasticism movement. During World War II, he fought alongside the French and was a member of the French resistance, and later became a French citizen. Csáky also experimented in the styles of Purism and Cubism, and designed several pieces of furniture for Jacques Doucet. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe, and despite a shift to more representational sculptures in his later life, Csáky is still regarded as one of the forefathers of Cubist sculpture.


After studying at the Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest for a year and a half, decided to pursue art in Paris, and took on several odd jobs to support himself, including posing as a model for other art students. Csáky soon established a studio space, shared with fellow Hungarian artist and later art dealer, Joseph Brummer.

Early in his career, Csáky identified heavily with the Cubism movement, and completed his sculpture, Tête Cubiste around the same time that Picasso completed his own first cubist sculpture. Csáky said of the movement, "There was no question which was my way. True, I was not alone, but in the company of several artists who came from Eastern Europe. I joined the cubists in the Académie La Palette, which became the sanctuary of the new direction in art. On my part I did not want to imitate anyone or anything. This is why I joined the cubists movement." 

In his later life, Csáky would turn to a more realistic, representational style of sculpture which focused on the expressiveness of the human form.

Selected works:


 Le Recite and Esperance, 1948 and 1945. 


Head, 1913


Deux Figures, 1920


Cones et Spheres, 1919 


Tête, 1920


Vier musen


Les deux amies, 1925


Head of a Young Girl, 1925


Nu Assis, 1928



Tête, "Visage Ovoide", c. 1940


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