Jose Carvajal and Daniel Aristizabal of QSTO believe the chairs of today are not evolved enough. They make some good points - my chair is crumbling as I write this. Their invention, the "Suzak" is a highly modern, flexible chair that allows for comfort, easy assembly and versatility. The "Suzak" will adapt to anyone's behind, and won't tire out the backside like the stiff couch or wooden table chairs that you use in your house.



"Unique comfort: Traditional chairs offer one or few seating positions and after a while, the person seated gets tired. The Suzak is made out of a special spandex-like fabric that will adapt to multiple seating positions. Feeling tired? Just change position and the Suzak will adapt to you.

Versatile: The Suzak looks great in all types of contexts and spaces. Living rooms, decks, balconies, entertainment rooms and more are all great places for your Suzak chair. Did you know that it can also be used outside? Even with direct sunlight, the chair does not get hot, even in black."



"Health Friendly: The cover of the Suzak is made out of a breathable, spandex-like fabric, that prevents the concentration of dust mites and allergens that normally live in the fabric and foam of traditional upholstered chairs.

The cover is also easy to wash. You can take the cover off and throw it in the washing mashing."




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