This weekend marked the opening of the 54th annual Venice Biennale, featuring an immense international selection of art.

One of the crowd favorites is this fully-functional Pipe-Organ ATM by the artist duo Allora & Calzadilla, that plays a unique melody with every dispensation of cash. Some theorize that the melody increases in complexity and length when they patron has more money in the account, which is denied by officials.

"Constant lines form around the pavilion in which the ATM is housed. During the first three days of the Biennale's V.I.P. preview earlier this week, more than 100,000 euros were withdrawn from the machine. That amount, Lisa Freiman, commissioner of the pavilion said, is three or four times the normal activity of an A.T.M. in Italy, according to BNL, the bank that operates it." via The New York Times

Photo by thefuturistics

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