Photo credit: George Grall, National Aquarium

Listen up, parents and older siblings of young children: if you want to get that kid interested in science and nature, this is the kind of creature you need to deliver. Remember the first time you saw a rainbow, and then remember that time a guy saw a double rainbow? How great does it feel to know that there's a creature in the depths of the ocean, dancing around and being a rainbow? It also eats prey twice its size, first distracting them with an awesome and deadly dance-party light show.


George Grall, National Aquarium


(Marco Faasse/World Register of Marine Species)



Casey Dunn/ National Science Foundation


Paul Nicklen/National Geographic


UCMP Berkeley



(via: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration)

Comb Jelly in PV from Jonathan Polakoff on Vimeo

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