I'm not sure when it came to pass, but it's a truth as old as time: You haven't really made it until you own a boat. Noah's ark made him the most influential man on Earth, and some years later, The Lonely Island solidified the fact with their digital short, "I'm on A Boat." You're just not at the top of the food chain until you've transformed from human to amphibian. Them's the rules.

This fact hasn't been lost on Airstream, the country's oldest maker of recreational trailer vehicles. As a part homage to the amphibious life, and part show-and-tell just because they can, Airstream has unveiled their newest concept trailer, the Land Yacht. The exterior harkens back to Airstream's classic "silver bullet" design, but the inside looks like a luxury yacht, complete with boat-deck flooring and a galley.



Airstream designed the trailer in collaboration with two Italian companies, Tecnoform, which started as a manufacturer of RV interiors but expanded to luxury yachts, and Officina Italiana Design, which designs Riva yachts.



The Land Yacht is the pet project of Airsteam's founder, Wally Byam, who harbored a longtime love for nautical life, and designed a yacht which he intended to sail around the world. Sadly, Byam passed away before he could accomplish the trip.


Still, the new luxury trailer is a lovely way to honor the company's founder, and Airstream makes no qualms about the Land Yacht's purpose being the business of pleasure:

Said spokesperosn Antonio Mazzucchelli, "The project was driven by the specific intent of showing that it is possible to design non-standard, highly innovative furnishings not only on paper. Not a mere design exercise but rather projects which can easily enter the market and find an immediate outlet in normal production."




Airstream's luxury trailers are already beloved by lots of famous celebrities, including Matthew McCanaughey, who owns three of their designs. 


via Airstream and Wired


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