KelvinDoe This will put you to shame, couch potato. This fifteen year old prodigy from Sierra Leone is a selt-taught engineer, and he's learned to invent objects simply from collecting old junk from the trash. His astounding achievements were noticed by a PhD student at the Massachusetts Institude of Technology, who funded a three week trip for him to come to America. Kelvin Doe, or as his friends call him, DJ Focus, wants to promote innovation and ideas among young people in Sierra Leone.

"I'm from Sierra Leone and I love to invent," says Kelvin Doe. Inspiring words from a boy who has probably achieved more through experimentation than we have through years of schooling. Global Minimum are currently launching an initiative, "Innovative Salone," with the hope of raising $100,000 to empower young people in Sierra Leone through teaching workshops and camps.


"We believe the answer lies in the youth and by instilling in them passion for the ingenuity required for innovation. Innovate Salone is about the present and future of Sierra Leone. We challenge Sierra Leonean youths to design the solutions to complex problems in their local and national communities. What Innovate Salone has demonstrated is that the youth are anxious for more ways to be at the forefront of the development of their country - whether that be through designing technology with limited resources or changing educational mediums. There is a supply of bright, motivated and diligent youth ready to accept the challenge of building Sierra Leone into an Innovative Nation." - CrowdRise.


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