You knew this was coming: An exercise tracking bracelet that not only monitors your workout progress, but tells your friends about it. You know those people that have to announce their exact location on every social media outlet, by signing into "picking up my kid brother at elementary school" and "trying out this artisanal hand-churned butter at a farmer's market in the middle of nowhere except here's my exact longitude and latitude"? Put their inability to stay off the map to use, with the Amiigo bracelet, which tests if your body and friendships are willing to go to the distance. The bracelet, like all robots that might murder you if they become self-aware, knows a lot about you. It can gauge your different exercise habits, measure your progress, and tell you what areas you need to work on. And, it can alert your social media outlets so you and your friends can engage in some fat-busting friendship exercises. Videos below.



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