In light of all these HD, 3D, 103 inch TVs, let's pay a moment's thought to the Kuba Komet - a German-designed television set which was the most coveted home entertainment center from 1957 to 1962. The Komet had it all: a 23 inch screen, a cabinet, a shiny finish - all wrapped up in a crazy spaceship-meets-sailboat shape. The Komet was priced at $1260 which, at the time, was more than a year's salary for the average entertainment seeker. It's too bad it's not around anymore because I bet hipsters would sell their blood for one of these. Perhaps we can persuade some Kickstarter folks to make a replica.


Imagine eating microwaved bratwurst by this every evening.


How awesome - it even had space for your vinyl record player.


The last-known surviving Kuba was seen in Chicago, Illinois.

If you are interested and can read German, here were it's technical specs:



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