Sure, the bible may have been a best-seller when it first came out back in the day. But since then, there has been a multitude of other great literature, like the plays of Shakespeare, Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey. The world needs somewhere to store all these works. That's why this church in Maastricht, Holland has been renovated into a book store, complete with a Dutch Starbucks and everything. Because even though signs of religious practice may be declining, at least people's need for stories and curiosity are as abundant as ever. Designed by Merkx + Girod.


Thou shall not bother the sales assistants with irritating questions, as they are former priests.


Thou shall climb to the upper annexes but thou shall not throw things down at unsuspecting friends.


Thou shall restrict the reading of "adult" fiction to only the upper floors.


Thou shall admire the complimenting contrast of old-world architecture and modern style.


Thou shall pay your respects to the cleanest store ever by abstaining from dropping litter.


Thou shall hold thou's "Twilight" discussion group only at the cross table.


Thou shall feast on bread, wine and Holy Mochas. Thou shall not get extra whip.



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