Today on Notes on the Road, we bring you the love affair between a man and his rhinoceros. Salvador Dali, the surrealist painter, polymath, and all–around eccentric personality, is well remembered for his artistic contributions and his curlier–than–thou mustache.

Dali was quite interested in natural science and mathematics, and found true beauty in the rhinoceros, whose horn, a naturally–occurring logarithmic spiral, represented divine symmetry.


The artist, adopting the look himself.


Man Ray: A man in love with a woman from a different era. I see a photograph!

Luis Buñuel: I see a film!

Gil: I see insurmountable problem!

Salvador Dalí: I see rhinoceros!

Bonus video:

Salvador Dali appears on What's My Line in a particularly spectacular episode driven by the artist's penchant for silliness.

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