I seem to have inherited a lot of my design sensibilities from stories like A Little Princess, Kiki's Delivery Service, and A Wrinkle in Time. What do those all have in common? Each of the main characters has a room in the attic, and magical things unfold there. Sara Crewe, the little princess, sleeps inside a chalk-drawn circle to stay cozy in the wet, drafty attic, and Kiki discovers a talking cat and her abilities as a witch while renting an attic room. I don't know the exact science of these things, but it just seems like attics invite more witchcraft and life-affirming experiences than other rooms in the house. 

Ever since then, I can't resist an attic. It just seems endlessly mysterious and exciting to me, and the ratio of adventures to attic rooms is just too promising to ignore. This two story attic in Stockholm, Sweden, is bright and spacious, and seems roomy enough for all kinds of adventures.

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