There's only so many applications we can put on our phones before we come to terms with how useless they are. Sure, "angry birds" may bring you stress relief, "bomb panic" provide commuter fun and if you're in danger, I suppose you could "tweet" for an ambulance. But my subway (m)app always freezes and I'll never figure out how to use the measurement tool app. No matter how technologically useful these little sidekicks are, there is just nothing that compares to the old-school functionality of the swiss army knife. The "ReadyCase" is going to change all that.


So let's say you're going camping. Here's how ReadyCase will aid you on your travels. The headphone clip is self-explanatory - listen to loud music while you're driving. The lens ring allows for any attachable lenses to fit snugly on your iphone cam, for snapping photos of your friends as they sweat and curse while walking uphill.


Want a group picture? Open up the little kickstand and place your iPhone on a rock. Great - that picture will be perfect for facebook. Let's say you meet a bear, but he doesn't want to eat you, he just wants you to check out his new jams. After all, how is he supposed to become a world famous bear rapper if he seldom meets people? Use your attached USB drive to transfer files with ease.


Attach any lens you own for that ideal instagram. You may be surrounded by a lot of nature as you hike, but your photos don't need to show that. Great for that aspiring photographer who wants more control but not enough to carry a DSLR around. And then there's the multi-tool, with a variety of sharp and useful blades for all ocassions. Because there's nothing you want closer to your shiny new phone than a knife.


The USB can either have 8GB or 16GB of storage space. The ReadyCase adds barely any milimeters of bulk to your slim smartphone.


Honestly, I'm sold. Utilitarian and stylish? There's nothing better. Oh, wait! But I don't even have an iPhone.


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