Hostess, the 82–year old snack foods company announced today that it is shutting its doors, due to a Bakers Union Strike. It's a sad and historic day for junk food lovers everywhere. The company plans to shut down all operations and sell its assets. The snack giant also owns Drakes, Dolly Madison, and Wonder, and others. All hope for the Twinkie is not lost, however, for some buyer may yet decide to step up and save our beloved snack. I still think we should have a candlelight vigil (made of Twinkies) to mourn and pray. Also, you can thank artist Christopher Boffoli for the most appropriate photograph in the world.

Below, some interesting facts about the once-great Hostess, so that we might remember them as they were.


The Hostess CupCake was first sold on May 11, 1919. It is was a longtime rival of the Tastykake cupcake, and both companies claim to have introduced the first snack cake. You win this round, Tastykake.


Until 1950, the CupCake had no filling, and no white frosting decoration. Both crucial elements, in my opinion.

In 1930, Ralph Nafziger founded Intersate Bakeries Corporation (IBC), which later merged with Schulze Baking Company of Chicago, and many other baking companies. It was not until 2009 that Interstate Bakeries became Hostess Brands, after its cake division. 


Twinkies were introduced in 1933 by the The Continental Baking Company (later purchased by IBC). 

The original Twinkies recipe calls for banana cream, but rationing during WWII forced a switch to vanilla cream filling.

The cultural influence of Twinkies is far and wide. Fried Twinkies are a staple at U.S. state fairs, and the "Twinkie Defense" refers to a defendant's claim that an unusual factor, such as allergies or sugar, diminishes their responsbility for a crime. 


Despite a long–standing myth that Twinkies are virtually immortal, and can last up to a century, a company executive explained that the snack typically lasts no more than a week.

President Clinton once put a Twinkie in a time capsule. 

How to make your own Twinkies

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