After spending a few summers lugging a 16-foot boat back and forth from the lake, Jason Woods wanted a more portable option for zipping around the water. Woods came up with the Kymera, a 35 pound, portable and motorized body board. He built the prototype himself, the first of which included lots of duct tape. Woods won the 2011 PopSci Invention Award for his fourth iteration of the Kymera, which gets up to 15 mph. The newest model, however, reaches 25 mph and has been tested favorably for its search and rescue usability. Woods is currently developing an electric jet board that will be specifically used for search and rescue.



From PopSci: "A two-stroke gas engine drives a lightweight, high-volume jet pump, which expels water to create thrust and which diverts a small amount of water to cool the engine. The Kymera displaces less than an inch of water and travels up to 15 mph." 



The Kymera Jet Board on Kickstarter

via PopSci

Kymera Jet

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