Ever since Gene Kelly pulled his bed into the ceiling, kicked open his breakfast nook and sat down to paint in the opening scene of An American in Paris, I've dreamed of what I would do with a tiny living space. This micro-apartment in Montparnasse, Paris is only 130 square feet but not an inch of it is wasted. The entire complex is organized into modular storage compartments and even the bed disappears beneath the raised kitchen floor. In this apartment, there is a place for everything. Everything but a girlfriend, friends and family.

130Apt2 130Apt3

Created by Architects Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet, this compact living space was once the master bedroom of a larger apartment. The room was then split into it's own abode to increase rental opportunity for the Hausmann-style building and is now occupied by the owner's son Thibaut Ménard.

130Apt4 130Apt5

Every piece of furniture exists for a purpose and is cleverly designed to get along with its surroundings. Take this simple coffee table, pictured above, which fits perfectly underneath the shelf and doubles as storage space with its hollow interior.

130Apt6 130Apt7

The genius of this apartment, which almost seems to have created space out of thin air, raised the kitchen floor and bathroom onto a slightly higher second level. The bed slides snugly underneath, also doubling as a couch when slid in only halfway. So yeah, my house has two levels, the tenant can brag.



Just when you thought there couldn't be any more space for storing all the things a minimalist hoarder might attain - opening stairs! And did you spot those shoes, hidden on that tiny stretch of floor? It might almost make sense to put them inside that empty stair-box, no?


A kitchen-adjacent bathroom - every home-owners dream. Get ready for Sunday mornings filled with bacon-scented  showers.


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