Soon you'll be able to see a slideshow of your iPhone photos. Project your prized instagram moments through this tiny gadget onto any surface and use App "Projecteo" to release your images from your phone. Designed by Benjamin Redford and Mint Digital.





Description as taken from Kickstarter page

"We've developed a process to get your Instagrams onto a single frame of 35mm Kodak film stock, which is cut into a circle and fits snugly inside a wheel.  To change wheels, just gently pull it out and place the next one in the slot. You will be able to collect as many wheels as you like.

Like all projectors, Projecteo works best in the dark. We've had great looking images up to two and a half feet wide in a pitch black room. Unlike screens, slide film doesn't have pixels. This means you get beautiful looking images from a device the size of a matchbox."




"We started off by 3D printing early prototypes of Projecteo. Sure, it was rough and stuck together with tape but it had enough charm to make us fall in love with the idea. We wanted to see how far we could take it.

Through an iterative process, we optimised the focal length of the lenses and added a focusing mechanism. We looked for the most powerful LEDs we could find, made the batteries replaceable and figured out the perfect ratio of images per wheel. We modified the outside edges to give Projecteo a five degree chamfer, to make it a bit nicer to hold. Oh and of course, we gave it cute little feet.

Though we had a prototype that did everything we wanted Projecteo to do, we were not ready for manufacturing. To take us through to that next step, we started working with Meso, a product development consultancy in Scotland. With their help and guidance, we made a production prototype."



"Our developers in the US use a similar technique to how Hollywood convert digital movies to 35mm film to project in cinemas. Your Instagrams are 'melted' on to a single frame of Kodak film, which is then processed in a similar way to how analogue films are developed, except in full colour.

Projecteo has been designed so you can disassemble it.  This will not only make them easier to recycle but it means you can pull it open and see what's going on inside. There, you will find a super bright LED, capacitors and resistors, a switch, a decade counter and three batteries. Feel free to hack away! We can't wait to see your creations."



And if you get involved early...

"The whole idea behind Projecteo came about when Ben found a Rollei film projector and a bunch of slides on a market stall. He fell in love with the beautiful and refined design of the projector and set about to find a way of getting his Instagrams onto slide film.

In homage, we'd like to make 1000 limited edition Projecteos in the Rollei P35 colours. We will only ever make these available on Kickstarter."


To read more about this irresistable piece of technology and get your own, visit Kickstarter!

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