Close readers of Notes on the Road may remember Lev Zhurbin from his interview with the magazine here, in which he discussed his origins as a composer, his creative process, and his band, Lev Zhurbin and the Kontraband, pictured above. Now, the composer and his group are back with a pretty big new project: an album, tour, and sing-a-long series that can only happen if fellow music lovers like you support the campaign on Kickstarter. In recent years, the advent of social outlets like Kickstarter have allowed musicians and their fans to interact with one another directly, which means that supporting creativity has never been easier or more rewarding. As always, you can donate at a few different levels and each comes with an increased appreciation package, starting with the $10 pledge which will give you downloadable access to the album, two weeks before official release. Find out more about Lev's campaign on Kickstarter, and give a try the sing-a-long video made for you, below!



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