Randy Scott Slavin is a surrealist photographer and filmmaker based in New York CIty.

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Manhattan offered the perfect setting for his surreal light exploration.

RSS"I live right on 41st street, which was the divide between those who had power and those who did not have power in Manhattan. When I saw the darkness, I was just drawn to it. I ventured off into the night and it was a little eerie and interesting in a lot of ways."


"A lot of the typical sites that you'd shoot when you go to New York -- the Empire State Building or Times Square or those kind of places -- had lights [after the black out]. I felt the most interesting part of the black out was that it was affecting all the real parts of Manhattan, all the parts that tourists don't go to."



"I didn't shoot any photos of destruction; the news is for that kind of stuff. I want to shoot beautiful things, and I want to capture the city in a state that it was in, but not in the destructive way. That was the most important part of this project – to try to find the beauty in destruction without really showing the destruction."




"Whenever I go to a place to shoot, there are always things you have to deal with, and they are not always the way that you wanted or could plan if you could have it ideally. But I think that's part of what art is. What makes it interesting is when you go to a situation and you deal with the unexpected."


"Most people pick up still photography and then they go to video and film, but I went the other way. I've always been a filmmaker and a director, and I came to photography because I was interested in understanding photography, in photographing the moving image better."



"One artist who inspires me is MC Escher. It really just took me from being a child into my adulthood in terms of giving me a sense of wonder. He's obviously not a photographer, but in terms of the surreal elements of my work, he really inspired me."



"I feel like the biggest element of art for me is exploration and figuring out how to make things work, because for me, creativity is key."



You can check out more photos at www.randyscottslavin.com and on Randy's Facebook page

(With assistance from Jordan Katz)

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