It happens to the best of us: the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the sane, the drunk. I'm talking about writer's block. Sometimes words just don't come out. In these situations there is a myriad of activities that will seem like they need doing. A good trifecta is making a sandwich, cleaning the kitchen then reorganizing all the books you own. But if you're Wade Davis, National Geographic extraordinaire, you can conceptualize an entire office with overhead book-cave, hire some architects to build it, and enjoy your new studio. If you still have writer's block after that, well, then, there's always the garage.


"While many need light-filled rooms for inspiration, he wanted to avoid large windows opening onto a residential neighborhood and sought a cave-like atmosphere to disappear into his work. Subtle light was brought in by other means when the architect built a dome above his client's desk (which Price describes as similar to the rotunda of the oracle's temple at Delphi) and filled it with the books he uses the most. Davis whimsically calls the space his "Navajo kiva of knowledge."" - from Travis Price Architects.


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