Everyone stop what you're doing, and look at this baby bat! I can barely concentrate on typing right now, but I'll forge ahead to bring you good tidings of Lil Drac, the handsome fellow above. Lil Drac is an orphaned short–tailed fruit bat (is that the cutest string of words in the world, or what?) who has been nursed back to health and hangs out with his bat friends all day. Enough talk, let's look at Lil Drac some more.


Lil Drac's caretakers at Bat World Sanctuary have noticed that he enjoys rocking himself gently back and forth after he eats, perhaps to induce his post–eating food coma? Me too, Lil Drac, me too.



via Bat World Sanctuary, where you can also find information on how to sponsor a bat who can't be released into the wild.

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