Little Lori dreamed of love as she sat below the willow tree munching on Kinder Eggs on the playground of her elementary school. I don't know if this is true, but its vital to the story. One day she met her prince, who built her a toy that would ask for her hand in chocolate marriage, and they would live a sweet and playful life forever more.


When Lori and Matthew, two creative professionals with a knack for design, got together, it was only a matter of time until one of the world's cutest proposal stories would come into being. Matthew, co-founder of studio The Chopping Block, was prone to late nights working on his various projects.

Little did his then girlfriend, a Creative Director for a website company, know that he was working on disassembling this chocolatey prize to put a sparkling ring inside it. A miniature Matthew-bot figure was also in the egg, complete with assembly instructions to fold him into kneeling down on one knee.


The couple share sweet memories of snacking on Kinder Eggs before the US banned them from import a few years ago. They live together in New York with two sons and a neverending list of ideas for projects.


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