Karma as the universe intended it. This new pebble of data connectivity allows you to take your wifi on the go, becoming a hotspot wherever your day takes you. Its useable with laptops, phones, tablets and anything with wifi access - the best part being that anyone you allow can connect to your wifi and the more you share, the more "karma" or free data you get in return.

The Karma hotspot battery can last up to eight hours. That's just enough for a fun packed day out. It charges with a micro-USB cable so forget that restricted network you have access to at your job - use your private wifi for personal enjoyment. Perhaps consider sharing with cubicle neighbor Bill.


Karma runs on 4G data speeds and is available in 80 US cities. You'll never have to beg the waitress for wifi passwords at your local Argo again, or worry about running out of megabytes on your phone. The Karma is only $79 and is open to eight device connections at a time.


The Karma's range extends to around 100 feet and the connection is as secure as the one you have at home. It's like a little pocket miracle and a guaranteed way to keep those so-called friends of yours eternally at your side.


Get some Karma on their website


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