photo-mainJames McBennett has assembled one piece of lousy, cheaply-made furniture too many. As a designer, he believes humankind can do better than the wood-and-steel meat market that is ikea. He's designed This Stool Rocks - a beautifully crafted, simple and easy to assemble rocking chair. The chair is available in three rocking modes: hard, soft and easy. McBennett has chair-building hook ups all over the globe (well, in London, Dublin, San Francisco and New York) who can make the chair locally and send it your way. Support his goal on Kickstarter!



"We eliminated all complexity, resulting in a minimal form that is beautiful because of its elegant simplicity."

"The stool isn't a pain to put together like other ready-to-assemble furniture. It can be assembled or taken apart in less than a minute."

"'This Stool Rocks' is a cool, remarkable product that will be the centerpiece of your room."



"You can varnish your stool to protect it for years to come. We will send you plenty of options giving you advice on the two options above as well as more advanced options from decoupage to upholstery."


This Stool Rocks on Kickstarter

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