Underwater life holds many mysteries. It also holds many living creatures that you may never have discovered if you hadn't stumbled onto this page. Photographed by someone brave at National Geographic, here are some things we share the planet with, whether you wanted to see them or not.

White Anemone and Sea Star: This looks like something you have to squish in a video game. There are many like it, but this ones Canadian, cohabitating the waters with it's friend the Sea Star in British Columbia.

Photo credit: Jens Troeger.


Regal Angelfish: This little fish has a flair for color and isn't afraid to show it. If he flaunts his bright yellow-blue ensemble on a daily basis, one wonders what he'd wear to mardi gras.

Photo credit: Tim Laman.


Rainbow Parrotfish: This floppy joe looks the result of a mad scientist who tinkered with nature in his experiment to fuse a fish with a parrot, then was unhappy with the result and flung it in the ocean. It looks like this little guy drank a little too much seaweed water while pondering his identity crisis.

Photo credit: Mike Theiss.


Sea Stars: They've got stars in their eyes, their metaphorical eyes. These crazy critters are popularly known as starfish, embarassed by the real name they inherited from their parents - echinoderms.

Photo credit: Paul Nicklen.


Mantis Shrimp: And this is something you would not want to find on your kitchen floor. Created by film director Guillermo Del Toro, this shrimp has too many spikes and spindles for my liking - I prefer puppies. The photo was taken in the Indonesia region - another country I have to strike off my visit list.

Photo credit: Glen Weierbach.


Lined Chiton: This oval entity has a name that sounds like some kind of English tea-cup brand, yet you would definitely not want this near your mouth, or your Earl Grey. Come to think of it, I think I saw some kids playing frisbee with one of these in Central park.

Photo credit: George Grall.


Mating Nudibranchs: Having both male and female reproductive parts and venomous flesh would get you thrown out of most Manhattan clubs, but in the ocean, that's cool, you can get away with anything. Unable to choose who would wear the pants, these partners both fertilize each other, and both produce eggs.

Photo credit: David Doubilet.


Flower Hat Jelly: This jellyfish looks like something your aunt Linda would give you after a hasty purchase on QVC. It's tentacles coil and uncoil to catch it's prey so use it literally and you'll notice your hair disappearing.

Photo credit: Chijimatsu/SeaPics.com


Clownfish: Unsatisfied with your average household goldfish? Then you're probably looking for something more like this. The clownfish will not make you laugh or tell you jokes - well, it might, if you're that kind of person.

Photo credit: Wolcott Henry.


Blue Tang: Fear not, this colony of fishes are not associated with your favorite chemically fizzy drink "Tang". The blue tangs are born yellow then turn this color when they hit puberty, as the gritty truths of life hit them. Eiffel 65's song "I'm Blue, Da Be Dee Da Ba Di" is the only thing they can relate to.

Photo credit: Jeff Haines.


Christmas Tree Worms: Adding the word Christmas to something doesn't make it cute, and hanging this on your tree might not be a good idea. That little orange Goby on the left must have done something really naughty to be hiding under these pine-cones.

Photo credit: Jean Kunzelman.


Sea Anemone: This must be the vinyl that the Beatles recorded "Revolver" on. No, just kidding. This anemone actually sits in wait of little unsuspecting fishes and snaps them up for lunch. Greedy - no invitation for you next time I have reservations at Pastis.

Photo credit: Oriana Poindexter.



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