If you need a little cardio to get going, Clocky will run around and taunt you until you catch him and turn off the alarm.

If you're like me, you never totally grasped the whole "sleep schedule" part of being a human being, and the permamently slightly-purple hue under your eyes is proof of that. If you're still in a position where you need to wake up and show up to things (like jobs or school, and other stuff) at a certain time, you need a trusty alarm clock to nudge, sing, or jolt you out of sleep. Here are a few that seem interesting, or terrifying, or both. Sometimes there's food involved, like coffee or bacon, which is nice. 



Bacon alarm clock


A morning workout? Gross. But if you're into that sort of thing, you have to swing the Shape Up Alarm Clock 30 times before it goes off.


Sfera serenades you out of slumber, but each time you hit snooze, it goes up toward the ceiling. After a few snoozes, you'll have to stand up to turn it off.


After the ringing stops, you have a minute to enter the date in the Ramos before it blows up and your hands melt off!

Just kidding, it just blares at you and delivers a truly irritating alarm. 


You have to stand on the Carpet Alarm Clock to turn it off, which means you have to leave your bed, after which you should remember that the bed is lava.


If you want to turn off the Banclock, you must make an offering of one coin to the gods of time. 


The Coffee Time alarm clock is just a concept, but it's supposed to wake you up with the smell and sound of fresh coffee being made for you. Now if only you had a butler to bring this to you in bed.


You have to collect all the eggs from the Egg Laying alarm clock to make it stop beeping. And no, I don't understand those words either.


The Water Spray alarm clock sprays you in the face if you don't get up, so you better do it unless you want to drown. Thanks but no thanks.


Defuse within 10 seconds, or suffer.


If you don't get up, Snuznluz donates money every time you hit snooze. That's a little too sentient for my taste, but to each their own.

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