The mysteries of the distant universe have been unveiled, revealing our galactic neighbors are not planets after all, but giant balls of ice cream. This is the concept behind Haagen-Dazs' new ad campaign, envisioned by London design firm Doshi Levien. The idea compares the endless discoveries of sweet and creamy textures to crater-hopping moon adventures. Let's hope our space-bound astronauts don't find out about this, because I'm sure nothing could make them miss Earth more than reminders of ice cream.



The orange moon (above) consists of chocolate, nuts and caramel wrapped up in vanilla ice cream. The white (below) is tangy raspberry with meringue, macadamia and pistachio - suggesting the moon is not made of cheese after all, but much much more.






Here is the film that inspired the idea, Le Voyage Dans La Lune:


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