A large downfall of being a neat and organized person is jealousy. The first time your friends come see your apartment, they praise you on your tidy displays, with your books organized by height, your films lined up by genre and your cabinets all perfect squares. The next time they come, they ask how you manage to keep your house so neat all the time. Before you know it, their lives are spiraling out of control, they're selling their houses, buying a goat and moving to Cleveland. All because of the high standards you set. So maybe this isn't the exact scenario that caused designer Sehoon Lee to come up with "Squaring", the configurable bookshelf, but I'm sure it was something similar.


The original configuration of Squaring - the Square. This is how you'll keep it when its only you at home.


This layout is so wacky, books won't even fit in some of these nooks. This side angle makes it look even crazier.


Mix it up weekly to make yourself believe you're also one of those people who just don't care.


Lee Sehoon explains his design:

"'SQUARING' is the work that shows mutual relationships between the human body and furniture. Users are offered something dynamic and flexible designed by this furniture disequilibrium. This unbalance is caused by different weights of various users, which yields new shapes every time. Ironically, the imbalance of weight creates a dynamic state of equilibrium on Squaring."

Watch this quick demonstration to get a better idea:


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