SideBar_MatsPetersson_"Firewatch is my latest project. I'm not a nature photographer, per se, but an opportunity came one day for me to visit a controlled forest fire not far from my home. Fire, of course, is one of the ancient worlds' "four elements." No forest without fire: no life without fire: no world without fire. Once man learned to create and control fire, civilization developed. Man could cook and eat foods that were previously impossible. Fire was light, warmth and safety. Like many others, I have always been fascinated with fire.

Trailing the forest rangers with my Hassleblad, I entered a new world. The fire, raging just meters in front of me, created a surreal environment. The sunlight, smoke and heat captivated me. I was under a spell shooting these images. I have never experienced anything like it. Looking at these pictures now, I still feel the raw emotion and power from that day. For me, fire evokes complex questions about our origins, the power of nature, and the future of our planet."

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