My whole life I've thought that all I want at Christmas time is food, Champagne and presents. I was wrong. Because now I've discovered these beautiful, classy ice cubes which can be made right at home, and I can never go without them again. All you need are some small plastic cups and all the rosemary, redcurrants and physalis you have lying around. These elegant little additions to the Christmas table add a dash of seasonal color and will have your guests falling over in joy - but that could also be the champagne.


"Add berries and rosemary to half-full plastic cups or ice cube trays and then top them off once they're frozen. Ideally use filtered water, then you will get clear ice cubes! Serve in champagne or your favorite Christmas cocktail."


"Crunch the candy, dip the rim of the glass in lemon juice, then dip it in the candy sprinkles."




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