Why should schools pay electric bills when their own students can generate it themselves? This is the idea behind Pavegen, an initiative to create clean, reusable energy using only footsteps. Not only is this concept good for the Earth, but chunky little children will be able to see the energy they're creating, and visualize how it all works. They might get healthier too, because the more they step, stomp, dance, jump and clomp, the more they'll get out of it. If successful, Pavegen has the potential to be installed on virtually any street in the world.


"If we reach our Kickstarter target we're going to fully fund two school projects: one in the US and one in the UK. At Pavegen, our goal is to take our proven, viable technology to scale, providing communities around the world with a reliable, clean form of energy generation for people where and when they need it. We're making good progress with a number of high profile installations – making our technology more affordable for everyone else and helping people to understand the technology's potential."


"One US school and one UK school will receive a fully funded four-tile permanent Pavegen installation in a busy hallway of their choice, complete with interactive renewable energy displays to show students the energy they are creating with Pavegen. We'll also include the software and equipment to allow the Pavegen installation to send data online, for example to a school's homepage or other useful sites."

"Pavegen provides an interactive, educational and fun way for the students to engage with renewable energy creation and get active. The installation brings sustainability to life in the day-to-day routines at school, provides an innovative tool for exciting lesson plans, whilst providing power for the lights in the hallway."



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