Hospitals are a scary place when you don't know what's going to happen, and doctors lacking in bedside manner make the situation far worse. Designer Hikaru Imamura's range of hospital toys for children are meant to inform, educate and entertain little youngsters who have an operation or illness to deal with. The toys feature wooden bears as doctors and come with booklets that describe how to play. The children learn the basics of common hospital procedures and have fun while they're doing it. Personally, I know some adults who could use these too.



The four procedures kids can learn about include a CT scanner, X-ray machine, echocardiograph, and electrocardiograph. Imamura is currently also developing an MRI and Operating Room at a University Hospital in the Netherlands.



"I thought it's more important to make things that attract children's interest as stuff to play with. As a result, I made toys that had simple devices such as light or sound, instead of representing the details of machines or having high-tech devices." - Hikaru Imamura





Hikaru Imamura also designed this Disaster Recovery Tool that we featured.

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