"A Study of Who" is a dance performance laced with sadness, lit with shadows and created by the State of Flux DanceFilm Company, in collaboration with poet Anna Mae Selby and studio Nocte. This moving piece of theatre and choreography is lit by a stage of thirty handmade tungsten lamps, which move with, and respond to the dancer. 


The installation of lights is not only a replacement for overhead stage lights that are present in typical theatre productions, but their very movement is meant to reflect the story of the dancer, as she motions through the five stages of grief. Nocte partners Andrea Cuius-Boscarello and Hannelore Leisek control the lamps based on cues but they also have the ability to respond to the music themselves, each light being attuned to certain frequencies.


"The degree of the hanging light bulbs and the crossed placing of the lamps in a curved position, directing the visual impression of the scenery, create an interplay between light and shade. The sequenced installation building the setting and following the motion of the story is providing a consistent spatial response for the viewer."


Via Nocte.

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