Learn to bake

If you've never dabbled in the extensive world of DIY, the time is now. Thanks to, the internet is now your very own educational database, on everything from baking, painting, electrical engineering, camping, beekeeping (really) to the hard sciences. If you've ever wanted to try building your very own Rube Goldberg machine, there are no more excuses! Other things you can learn to do include woodworking, foraging for food in the wild, building your own instruments, playing new instruments, and building an awesome fort. There's an app version so you can keep track of your progress on your iPhone, if you want to, and you can earn badges for each completed project, which might satisfy the inner nature scout in you. There are no sashes involved, but you'll get tons of imaginary internet points. The whole DIY database is truly exhaustive and worth looking at. Here is just a tiny sample of some of the things you can learn. 

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