Josh Cochran: Serra

Josh Cochran is a Brooklyn-based (by way of Taiwan and California) illustrator whose  detailed graphic work is a combination of neat, precise execution and abstract expressionism. The talented artist is able to incorporate so many styles into each piece, and channels different moods for each commission, which range from commercial clients to small, community-based projects. Cochran's ability to execute a visual story makes him an incredibly interesting illustrator to watch, as It's Nice That and The Fox is Black have already pointed out.


Josh Cochran: "A live drawing/mural I did with Leif Parsons and John Malta for the AARP Life Reimagined convention in New Orleans. Seniors were given cards to write down their life goals and dreams, which we then interpreted and drew on a large wall during the event. Produced by: SYPartners."


Josh Cochran: Guston


Josh Cochran: Screenprint for a benefit for the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund, image from Akira Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress


Josh Cochran: This is how I lived in LA


Josh Cochran: T-shirt designs for Death Cab for Cutie


Josh Cochran: For an article in Plansponsor magazine about a company rolling content from one place to another. Art Director: SooJin Buzelli


Josh Cochran: Artwork for Beck's song reader


Josh Cochran: Portrait of John Zorn for the New Yorker

Josh Cochran

via It's Nice That and The Fox is Black

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