British adventure photographer Robbie Shone explores the Gorner Glacier in Switzerland to map, photograph and survey the beautiful ice caves.


Shone said: "It was extremely spectacular. This was the first time I'd been in an ice cave and they were absolutely beautiful. They were a really bright blue."


"Ice caves are more impressive than 'normal' caves - they offer a completely different challenge. I'm now fascinated by them and would like to visit more."


"You're walking around on slippy ice and need crampons on your shoes. We had to abeseil into the moulins as the entrances were often vertical shafts up to 20 metres deep."


"We were the first group to map these moulins and because the glaciers move around 15 metres a year - they change every year. Because of this we will be the only people to see them in that state."


"We were camping for six days and because of the heavy snow we spent two days digging a path down to the glacier. Our camp was about an hour away from the glacier and we got up at 5am to get ready and then spent around eight hours on the glacier. The temperature varied - at night time it dropped down as low as -18 degrees."






"The trip was a complete success and will help researchers get a better understanding of glaciers' rate of melting."


Visist Robbie Shone's website for more amazing photos.

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