Time is a pretty precious resources, especially when we're talking about space. In space, 30 seconds without a spacesuit will wreak havoc on your body, and I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure you'd eventually blow up? No one is completely sure, because NASA's not about to test out that theory. So it's pretty important that astronauts are able to get into their space suits as quickly as humanly possible. Enter the Z-1 space suit, NASA's newest extraterrestrial ensemble, which allows astronauts instantly to slide into the suit, and enter into another planet.




The Z-1 suit is designed with flexible joints, to help astronauts move more fluidly, and its back port allows the suit to latch into a planetary rover as part of its outer shell, which means they can slide directly from vehicle to suit, into an already pressurized environment. Currently the Z-1 is just in prototype phase, which means that the Z-suit won't make it to space until the Z-2 or Z-3 version. But think of all the space exploration possibilities!


This is what you'd look like if you had fulfilled your lifelong goal of becoming an astronaut. I also see a lot of "face in the hole" opportunities here, but don't tell NASA.

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