Alice in Wonderland, the story of a girl who drinks magic potions and does battle a with few pairs of irritating siblings, has now been translated into seven rare languages: Hawaiian, Borain Picard, Lingua Franca Nova, Esperanto, Mennonite Low German, Jèrriais, and Ulster Scots. Hopefully the translations will inspire some interest in these less common languages, but in any case, it's a fitting tribute for the author who wrote entire passages in an invented language.

See more details on the Lewis Carroll Society of North America. All translations are available on Amazon for about $16, and through the following links: 

Na Hana Kupanaha a 'Aleka ma ka 'Aina Kamaha'o (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Hawaiian Edition)

Trans la Spegulo kaj kion Alico trovis tie (Esperanto Edition)

Lès-Aventûres d'Alice ô Pèyis dès Mèrvèy (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Borain Picard) (Romance Edition)

La aventuras de Alisia en la pais de mervelias (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Lingua Franca Nova)

Dee Erläwnisse von Alice em Wundalaund (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Mennonite Low German)

L's Aventuthes d'Alice en Êmèrvil'lie (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Jèrriais)

Alice's Carrànts in Wunnerlan (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Ulster Scots) (Scots Edition)

via LewisCarroll.org

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