One of my dreams is to get a vintage Airstream and turn it into a modern mobile home.

Matthew Hofmann from Hofmann Architecture renovated a vintage 1970's Airstream trailer. On his website, he talks about why he chose to live in such a tiny place and the life reasons why living in 158 sq.ft. can be a very grand experience:

1. Lower utility bills - serious sustainability

2. Quicker to clean - 30 minutes tops

3.Less maintenance - Say "goodbye" to the chimney sweeper, garage door repairman, and gardener

4. A lot less clutter – I've reduced my paper use by 90%

5. Better connected to my girlfriend – the small space encourages us to interact and work out our problems – we no longer have our "caves" or sides of the house to escape to.

6. I'm taking more trips to the farmers market I'm purchasing more fresh fruits and vegetables. No excessive frig/freezer or pantry spaces stuffed with outdated food

7. Discourages procrastination – harder to ignore need-to-do's when they're staring right at you)

8. Less stuff gets lost - less places to hide, and when they do, they tend to surface a week later in a shirt pocket

9. Impulse buys – The question when purchasing an item "can I afford it." Has changed into "can I store it?"

10. Fewer house guests – Thanksgiving is a great time to spend time with your family, and so much better enjoyed when they stay at hotels.

11. Simplified entertainment technology – I sold and no longer own: A dvd player, audio receiver, 7 speaker surround sound, plasma tv, desktop PC, laptop computer, countless remote controls, wireless home speaker system, and portable radio. I then purchased: an IMac.

12. I ended my dysfunctional relationship with Costco. – I realize now that I don't really need a 5lb bag of peanuts or the treadmill that discourages me from ever leaving the confines of home. Though, I still enjoy accompanying a friend to the mega box store to try the free samples.









Also check out the wonderful interview he did with Freshhome.

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