Have you heard of a small town called Gifu in Japan? Their decreasing population and increasing land space is about to be turned around. Savvy architecture geniuses Daiken-Met have changed some shipping containers into a smartly shaped office-cube building named "The Sugoroku" in hopes of bringing life and work back into the city.


Entry to this cubular (is that a word? it is now) workspace is at ground level. 


Makeshift stairs lead from the ground to the second floor for easy access. 


The impressive minimal kitchen has impressed me because most cubes don't have kitchens and most kitchens only have several cubes.


First story office space.


The building both stands out and fits neatly into its location on this street in Gifu.


Soguroku has an industrial feel to it, making this both literally and metaphorically a place where ideas are constructed.


The office has no underground support structure, which makes it easy to take apart and restructure. This forward thinking is what allowed Daiken-Met to secure a temporary contract for ease of quick building. 


People all around you, each in their personal, organized space. 


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