When Tobias Dahl , a bricklayer, returned to his hometown of Dalarna, Sweden, he was unattached and looking to do some Walden-esque quiet contemplation in a modest log cabin. His plans were somewhat sidetracked, however, when soon after settling in, he met Emma Netterberg, an artist who shared his love of simple design. The two began to renovate the cabin with the intention to sell it, but the finished product was such a labor of love that the new couple couldn't give it up. From the outside, their carefully renovated home is an unassuming cabin. On the inside, modern design has been thoughtfully incorporated into a space with centuries of history.




The couple wanted to build a home that felt natural, so they fought the implementation of only pure materials like stone, wood, plaster, and even concrete. 


The wall between the kitchen and the great room is the outer wall of the original house. Of the full 240 square meters of the finished home, 200 are newly built and 40 are from the original log cabin.




In order to enjoy the views of scenic Sweden, Tobias cut a hole in the wall and installed centuries-old wooden shutters.


via Lantliv

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