Techie Shout-Out: HP's Latest Acquisition

I spied an interesting piece of news recently. HP acquired Palm. So why exactly does a PC manufacturing company acquire a cell phone company? The answer is obvious (they're going to make cell phones).

Actually, they already are, but when was the last time you marvelled at some awesome HP phone? With this merger, HP is getting into the frey with one of the four most popular mobile device platforms and a company such as Palm, which has the know-how to compete at the forefront of the mobile device industry. This move seems only logical if you consider that our mobile phones are more and more like pocketable PCs. In fact, several large computer companies are making a serious foray into the mobile market. Among them are Dell and Acer, the latter having produced a highly rated and featured Android 'phone'.

I have owned a palm before (Palm Treo 860) and found it to be a well thought out device for the time, but lacking in web features and speed. The new Palm Mobile OS seems to have that down along with some exciting features like Synergy (the OS groups multiple sources of social contact into a single stream).

The future of portable mobile devices is looking less and less predictable. It will be very exciting to see what happens next.