What housing crash? Everyone I know has at least four homes and six spare rooms. Like these people in Portland, who had their garage renovated into its own living space. A collaboration between vision-driven PATH Architecture, Phloem Studio and Earthbound Industries who designed the custom-made furniture, the Laurelhurst Studio garage has become the envy of all other garages.



The studio space, which is built ten feet above the backyard, is intended to be used as a yoga dwelling, artist workshop, apartment or guesthouse. Your artistic yoga-teaching houseguest friend will be a happy tenant.



The furniture is cleverly designed to be space efficient and make the garage look clutter-free. Because emptiness is what garages were meant for.



"The building features a modest façade and ample eaves. Its form blends well with the existing style and scale of the urban neighborhood. As the user moves from the main house or the busy street outside into the backyard, the restrained structure of the garage and studio building seems to open, capturing the east light and establishing the strong connection to the modern landscaped outdoor space."



"The entrance to the unit is via an exterior staircase. Floor to ceiling windows on the east and south walls frame views of the tree canopy surrounding the property. Dappled morning light floods the space in the early hours of the day, and as the sun moves overhead, light is reflected throughout the space from the private, outdoor spa below."



"This outdoor living room connects the main house to the studio and is intended to be enjoyed year-round, with a sauna/shower, fire pit, in-ground spa, and an outdoor kitchen. Despite the intentional open connection between these three spaces, the ADU is designed to provide the user complete privacy if desired."




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