If the only thing stopping you from going scuba diving with your camera was worrying about keeping it dry, then start booking that flight to Australia. The Outex camera cover is a new project being funded on Kickstarter with considerable benefits to adventure-seeking photographers. The cover works like a dry-suit with tough and flexible material while never compromising the quality of your shot. Designed by JR deSouza.



"The patented Outex design aligns optics, housings, and accessories modularly. The rugged, flexible, molded housing accommodates all major camera equipment brands while maintaining tactile feel and feedback for all functional controls. Highest-quality optical components match to industry standards and can be interchanged within our system over time, so you can use the same optics and housing with different cameras and lenses."







"Solutions today fall into 2 categories; bags or cases. The bags are cheap and clumsy, and so are the results. Hard cases yield good photos results, but are big, bulky, and heavy, so impractical for transport. And they start around $1,400. Roberto came up with the original idea and used his mechanical engineering skills to develop prototypes we could use ourselves. Photographers saw it, and had to have it. Outex was born."


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