Good thing: more and more people are commuting to work and around town on their bicycles, meaning for a healthier lifestyle and cleaner environment. Bad thing: A bike is still a bike. It's small, not very fast and easy to steal. I once had a bike seat stolen. Two weeks in a row. It was worth less than ten dollars. I would hate to think how bike thieves would react to the NCycle - a battery powered, high tech bicycle for the modern era. It is thin, elegant and foldable, and unlike the trendy fixies, it is actually very functional. 



The handlebars include a holographic display that connects to your smartphone, so you can use GPS on the go to ensure maximum promptness, or if you know where you're going, you could always surf art blogs. The bike is powered by electricity, which comes from the battery hidden inside the body. The metallic structure allows for fast cooling. 



"Doing away with cables, most of the system consists of the handle bar itself. With dual handles for multiple positions and comfort, the handle bar is appropriately loop-shaped to fit most of the poles and steel bars in the city. Closing the loop when locked is again a hardened steel tube sliding from one of the handles, which makes the locking [mechanism] virtually impossible to break or cut with any kind of man-powered pliers, in the end, making it almost impossible to steal the vehicle."


The slot between the metal frames allows for neat transportation of magazines, and I suppose, other magazine-shaped things. If you want to be one of those obnixous riders, you can blast your music via bluetooth with the built-in speakers. 



The bike can be folded up in less than two seconds, although the first time you attempt it will probably take up to fifteen seconds. The handlebars rotate allowing for comfortable hand positioning. 



This year will see a boost in conceptual e-bikes and some other options include the PiCycle and More.


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