Get Fit On-The-Go: Top 10 Mobile Exercises for the Traveling Creative Professional

Airport. Car. Hotel. Repeat.

Spice up your travel log with these fun-loving tips to sculpt, stay fit and have fun out on the road.


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The Jump Rope:

Turn up the heat and watch the pounds melt away with this heart-pounding workout that can burn up to a whopping 350 calories in 30 minutes. Easy to throw in a suitcase and whip out in any hotel room.

Weighted Hula Hoops:

Made and sized for adults, hoops inspire all the nostalgic fun of childhood, while doling out an ab-blasting workout. Rings come in a dazzling assortment of psychedelic color combos, or just plain black for the low-key metrosexual. Check out collapsible hoops for super travel facile.

Resistance Bands:

Work it with rubber tubes and elastic bands, easily foldable for any bag. Simply stick the anchor in a door jam and pull, pull, pull your way to cut bi-s and tri-s.

Weight / Strength Training:

Pick up a set of light weights for a couple of reps during downtime. Avoid paying overage charges at the airport with refillable water barbells, light as feathers for the jet-setters.{module 259}

Belly Dancing:

Improve your posture and strengthen your core while picking up some flirty, sensual new moves. Pack a DVD to learn from the masters and have yourself a blast movin' and shakin' all around.


Bend into a pretzel; lift, tuck and tone your way to a beautifully sculpted bod. No equipment necessary. Workout DVDs enhance the experience for beginners.

Sit-ups, Squats & Dips:

Sometimes, nothing beats the classics. Be sure to work all major muscle groups evenly. Squats and dips can be done on your own or, better yet, with a chair.

Ab Contour Exercise Belts:

It sounds too good to be true, we know. Wearing this belt while watching TV, with its vibrations and gyrations, supposedly chisels a fine set of abs for you. (We're skeptical but we know several guys with ridiculous washboards. They swear by the belt that it works...)

Jumping Jacks:

Better than nothing, no gear required. Get your heart rate up and feel the burn. Try ten minutes straight, it's harder than it sounds!

Bust a Move:

Flip on that iPod and spring into action! Bring Sexy Back, all you Single Ladies out there. Dance, bump and grind yourself into tip-top Beyonce shape. (Just don't forget to close the blinds if you're a little more modest than she!)