EXPOSÉ: Confessions of a Closet Metrosexual - The Juiciest Beauty Secrets From Ten Top Male Performers

We've definitely got the scoop on this one. Last week, Notes On The Road polled some of the hottest, most drool-worthy male performers on the circuit, politely requesting that each divulge one secret on the lengths to which they are willing to go in the quest for matchless, airbrushed perfection.

1 out of 10 could not be reached for comment. 6 replied: "I don't do anything, I swear!" (It took multiple e-mails before they dropped that charade.) 2 more said, "You're not printing names, right?" -- and 1 was almost alarmingly eager to share.

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A rock-n-roll superstar with a mane to rival Fabio‘s, says moisture-rich conditioner keeps his hair healthy and shiny -- glossy, not greasy. Also, he says, vitamins made specially for hair such as Biotin, keep the follicles strong and his precious ends from splitting.


When it comes to his luscious locks, this sensitive poet doesn‘t take any chances before a cover-shoot. He opts for the cheapest barbers he can find, claiming that swanky stylists tend to "interpret" his hair all wrong.


We know an actor who wields a pen as mighty as his sword. He hits the sauna between shows for serious detox, but in a pinch, steams his pretty-boy-pucker over a pot of boiling water. The sun, in moderation, dries out oily skin and reduces the chances of rogue breakouts.


A player in a top U.S. orchestra recommends Trader Joe's "Virtuoso" Lip Balm, for its SPF 15 and notable 50% organic ingredients. It's way better than the waxy, chemical stuff, he says, for soft, supple lips, on stage or off...


A singer whose buttercreme voice is often mistaken for Sinatra‘s, keeps a tube of concealer well-hidden in his travel bag. "Sometimes you get a pimple right before you go on stage!" If in doubt over which color is right for you, go for 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone.


Uni-brows, be gone! But a word of caution from an edgy gentleman starring in a hit show: "Don't over pluck, whatever you do. Just follow the natural arch and you can‘t go wrong."{module 266}


Choose a color palette that complements your skin tone, says a guitar-jammin-singer-songwriter. Everyone is either an Autumn, a Winter, a Spring or a Summer. Hmm...Vivaldi, anyone?


No man is above it. A chart-topping Billboard artist uses olive oil in place of shaving gel and swears by Shea Butter to protect his baby-face, neutralize free radicals and smooth fine lines.


...and not just your face, declares one with a penchant for the classically dramatic, "should be compulsory for all men as far as I‘m concerned."

Disclaimer: The views presented here are those of certain stars who shall remain nameless, and do not necessarily reflect those of Notes On The Road.