Whilst living in London, French designer Gaspard Tiné-Berès (naturally) felt cold. Instead of paying outrageous heating costs, he decided to create some locally sourced and easy to make slippers. The result was the Lasso. Lasso slippers are crafted from felt and come flat-packed. They're easy to assemble so that the whole family can mold their own. The lace even comes available in several color choices. Gaspard and his creative partner Ruben Valensi are trying to make their dream come true by raising money on Kickstarter. So help them!


"Lasso is a pair of slippers easily assembled by you. Really warm and incredibly comfortable. They get even better with age by shaping to your feet.

Each Lasso slipper is made from a single piece of felt, with a leather sole. The flat pattern is shaped simply by sewing the provided lace through the corresponding precut holes. They are delivered flat-packed with laces of your choice and only take a few minutes to assemble."



"Whether for you or for someone you care about, Lasso slippers always have that personal touch. Use the laces we provide or pick your own, the final result in in your hands.

Made in France from 100% natural products, in a social workshop, Lasso is an ethical and responsible product. We hope they will keep your feet warm for a long time, and that you will have the pleasure of finding them every morning by your bed."


Lasso slippers have the full endorsement of the studio cat.


Lasso slippers comfortably fit people of every gender, size and ethnicity.


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