Oh, man. Its 10am and I'm exhausted from the one hour I've been up. Too bad I'm at a museum showing my parents around. I'm not remotely interested by any of these sculptures. Then I guess we'll have to wait at a crowded bus stop. Perhaps they'll want street food, and I'm not sitting on the sidewalk again while people throw pennies at me. If this sounds like you - have no fear. This is the Emergency Bench, designed by Jamie Woldfond. It is a blow up bench, not dissimilar to an air mattress or blow up tent. It is useable in almost every situation. Old woman got the last subway seat? Emergency Bench. In the park, but not a fan of walking? Emergency bench. Forgotten how to use your feet due to years of using the emergency bench? That's right. Emergency Bench. Thank you, Jamie Wolfond.




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